Water Soluble Fertilizer

Magnesium Sulphate

Magnesium (Mg) has excellent water solubility, and is used to correct deficiency in plant. Helps to improve high soil pH level and regulates growth of the plant.

N: 19 P: 19 K: 19

Blended with all essential micro nutrients EDTA - chelated form and provides healthy growth to plant Improves fruit quality, weight, color, size and results in higher yield.

N: 13 P: 40 K: 13

The balanced ratio of fully water soluble composition Containing 13% Nitrogen 40% phosphorus and 13% potassium providing 100% plant nutrients. Help in Promoting quality and yield of produce.

Zn 12% EDTA
( Chelated ZINC )

Contains 12% water soluble zinc powder which helps to reduce the zinc deficiency in the crops.

Fe 12% EDTA
( Chelated IRON )

Contains 12% water soluble zinc powder which helps to reduce the Iron deficiency in the crops.

Fulvic Acid 20%

Liquid Fulvic Acid is an extremely potent and high-energy substance that stimulates plant metabolism, Increases stress tolerance and acts as a natural detoxifier. Fulvic acid also stimulates the metabolisms of plants.

Multibor 20 ( BORON )

Boron is an essential nutrient for growth and development of healthy plants, the primary function of the element is to provide structural integrity to the cell wall in plants. It helps to correct the Boron deficiency in soil.

N: 00 P: 52 K: 34
( Mono Potassium
Phosphate )

Multi-MKP is a fully water-soluble mono-potassium phosphate fertilizer, a highly efficient source of Phosphorus and potassium for plants, quickly dissolves to provide the essential plant nutrients, phosphorus and potassium, at all growth stages. Minimize the escape of ammonia when mixed with urea and ammonium phosphates by keeping the pH relatively low.

N: 13 P: 00 K: 45
( Potassium Nitrate )

Free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants. Efficiently absorbed by plants, the presence of nitrate enables the plant to minimize its uptake of chloride.

M H 100
( Potassium Humic
Acid )

Humic Acids are also referred to as "humic substances" and are used as soil conditioners, soil supplements, and fertilizer amendments. Humic acid increases the water holding capacity of soils. Humic Acid also carries with it hormones and vitamins which promote germination as well as greater plant growth.

Sulphur 90% WDG

Sulphur serves many functions in plants. It is used in the formation of amino acids, proteins, and oils. It is necessary for chlorophyll formation, promotes nodulation in legumes, helps develop and activate certain enzymes and vitamins, and is a structural component of two of the 21 amino acids that form protein.

N: 15.5 P: 0 K: 0
Ca: 18.8
( Calcium Nitrate )

Calcium nitrate contains calcium and nitrogen, both essential plant nutrients. Calcium is part of the walls of plant cells and helps in the formation of plant growth hormones. It also helps plants resist stress and disease. Plants need nitrogen for photosynthesis, the process by which they convert energy from the sun into carbohydrates that plants turn into sugars for energy.

N: 12 P: 61 K: 00
( Mono Ammonium
Phosphate )

100% water soluble fertilizer, containing 12% Nitrogen and 61% Phosphorous, free of chloride, sodium and other detrimental elements for plants. Ensures availability of Phosphorous and nitrogen to Provide balanced and complete plant nutrition. Provides healthy growth, act as flowering booster which results in more number of flowers and Improves fruiting process.