Organic Nutrients


Take-up is an advanced blend of various natural compound likes Amino Acids, Humic Acid, Minerals extracted from natural sources, hydrolyzed protein rich materials. There are no synthetic ingredients present.

Jeevan G

Helps to increase yield and improves quality of plants, improves nutrient uptake through the leaves and roots, improves the effectiveness of pesticides.

Bio Plus

This product is used to fasten the root development process, and to better the structure of the soil.

Bio Gene Plus

It’s a special biological product for growth & development, a complex formulation containing Photo- Enzymes and other Bio-organic compounds derived by fermentation containing in natural forms of Amino acids, essential oils.


It stimulates microbial activity and improves soil structure. As humates act both on leaves as well as in soil, the active ingredients of M-Tech can be used to enhance plant growth and soil fertility. It helps to Improves nutrient uptake by the root system & promotes root development.

Action 25

It’s basically cow urine (gau-mutra). It has been considered that cow urine is very useful in agricultural operations as a biofertilizer and biopesticide as it can kill number of pesticide and herbicide resistant bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Active Plus

Active plus is formulated as multi component crop health improver which results in higher yield. It also helps plants to fight against virus.