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Gujarat Narmada Valley Fertilizer Co. Ltd., one of the most distinguished Public Sector Undertaking of Govt. of Gujarat. Amos Corporation (a division of Amos Enterprise Private Limited) is one of the largest distributors of its Industrial Products Division. GNFC has its plant located at Bharuch, some of the highlights of GNFC are mentioned below:


  • GNFC, an INR 3000 Cr. Company is one of the World’s largest single stream Ammonia - Urea fertilizer Complex (4,45,000 MTPA).
  • It has the largest single stream plant of Aniline (40,000 MTPA).
  • It is also India’s largest producer of Formic Acid (20,000 MTPA), Acetic Acid (1,50,000 MTPA) and Methanol (1,85,000 MTPA).
  • 700 MTPA production of Neem Oil.
  • 2000 production of Nitro Benzene.
  • 1,50,000 MTPA Technical Grade Urea.
  • 75,000 MTPA Production of Weak Nitric Acid.
  • 65,000 MTPA Production of Concentrated Nitric Acid.
  • 3,00,000 MTPA Production of Hydrochloric Acid.
  • 50,000 MTPA Production of Ethyl Acetate.
  • 3,000 MTPA Production of Methyl Formate.
  • 75,000 MTPA Production of Calcium Carbonate.
  • 67,000 MTPA Production of TDI.
  • 600 MTPA Production of MTD.
  • 1,800 MTPA Production of OTD.
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Sakata Inx (India) Limited is a 100% subsidiary of Sakata Inx Corporation, Japan. Sakata Inx Corporation Japan was founded in    the year 1896 and is now a global ink manufacturer and has a strategic alliance with Toyo Inks on a worldwide basis. SIC expanded overseas in 1948 and has over 80 major bases worldwide. Amos Corporation Ltd (A Division of Amos Enterprise Private Limited) is the sole distributor of Sakata for Gujarat.

Sakata is strategically located in United States of America, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Canada, Philippines and other regions for handling its diversified business interests. Sakata Inx Corp. is a comprehensive provider to the printing & packaging industry. Its R&D activities have developed printing inks on the cutting edge of technology such as water based & solvent based flexographic & gravure inks for flexible films, newspaper inks, offset inks for packaging & commercial applications, metal decorating inks for cans, water based & solvent based overprint varnishes and several additives.

The technology and manufacturing process is currently ahead of similar products available in the market. It manufactures world renowned Gravure Lamiall® (poly urethane resin base) range of liquid inks for reverse printing on several flexible substrates such as treated PET, BOPP, Nylon, PVDC coated film, Cellophane for packaging purposes especially for food products. In addition to this, other gravure inks include Lamitop - Reverse Printing Inks, DX-60, DLO, DX-FR range of Surface Printing Inks, Shrinkable PVC Inks and Non Toluene Ink. Sakata India has two manufacturing plants in India, one in Bhiwadi (Rajasthan) and a second one in Panoli (Gujarat) to cater to the demands of its customers.

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Indian Potash Limited, the evolution of IPL started sometime before the seeds of ‘Green Revolution’ got sown in the bed of Indian Agriculture. Indian Potash Limited was incorporated under Indian Companies Act with the objective of import-handling, promotion and marketing of Potash in the entire country. The extension and promotional activities of IPL was recognized by the farmers across the nation, and was well appreciated by the Sivaraman Committee on Fertilizers as well as the National Commission on Agriculture.

Thereafter, to come up to the expected challenges as a result of introduction of HYV seeds, it was decided to strengthen IPSA by broadening its capital base. In 1970, IPSA was converted into Indian Potash Limited (IPL) and its membership based was expanded to include cooperative sector institutions and public Sector Companies.

The history of Indian potash limited (IPL) is indeed the history of potash acceptance in india. The saga began exactly 56 years ago when Ministry of Commerce and industry, government of india, brought together all the leading players in the fertilizer industry under one banner and formed Indian potash supply agency (IPSA) which became the sole entrusted agency for import, handaling, promotion and marketing of potash in entire country.

Half a century is a long period in the life of any business identity endearing change, evolution and adaptability. But for IPL what has not changed changed in fifty-six years is it’s Unwavering, unrelenting and unflinching Focus on Farmer & Industry.

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