Surface Printing Inks


High performance inks for Label Printing. Applicable on PE (Poly Ehtylene), BOPP, Pearlised BOPP and CPP(Cast Poly Propelene). Excellent COF, gloss, rub resistance & deep freeze resistance. It is suitable for applications like Ice-cream packaging.


General purpose High Heat Resistance ink for printing on CPP, BOPP, PE and PVDC Coated films.

XGS-0103PR-7 & PR-6

General purpose ink with Good Crinkle & Scratch resistance. It is suitable for Twist Wrap application on MET (Metalised) PVC & MET PET & general purpose application on PE film.


High performance ink for printing on Mono-axially oriented Shrink PVC film, excellent shrinking property. Good results on uneven contour containers.


Single Pack Oil & Fat resistance ink for printing on PE film. It is recommended for applications like Packaging of Milk, Ghee, Namkeen & Fried products with Oil/Fat. Over Print Varnish XGS-0307 is recommended for oil & ghee based contents.


Two Pack Ink for printing on PE & PP. It has an excellent chemical resistance performance. It is recommended for Detergents & Salt Packaging.


General Purpose ink for printing on Aluminium Foil & Metallized substrates. Pre- wash of XGS-0625 Foil Wash is recommended.


Toluene & MEK (Methyl Ethyl Ketone) free ink for printing on Paper & Aluminium Foil with heat resistance requirement. Pre-wash of XGS-0545 Foil Wash RE-2 is recommended.